America’s Most Haunted Promo Video


From Spooky Pinball:

America’s Most Haunted… now in 2 flavors (and get this…) AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Not an LE anything, just giving you a choice. There will be an option on the backglass too. Taking orders now! kt@spookypinball.com will get you going.

Yep. The game is cheesy. How cheesy? I’ll say, Double Triple Diamond Deluxe with Cheese. The callouts are almost cringeworthy in their cheesiness.

Let’s see… I need to use the word “cheese” again to fully convey the cheesiness.

I KNOW, I’ve got it!

“I am the cheese! I am the best character on the show! I am better than BOTH the salami and the bologna combined!”

— Wacky Delly, Rocko’s Modern Life

Author: SSB

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