DeepRoot Pinball interview by This Week in Pinball

Go to This Week in Pinball NOW for the interview with DeepRoot Pinball.

Find out the details on the following (posted by TWiP)

  • Why they hired John Popadiuk
  • Updates on deeproot’s efforts to make Zidware customers/vendors whole
  • Information on their upcoming public announcement
  • Why deeproot Tech decided to pursue pinball as a new venture
  • What type of build quality to expect from deeproot (hint: using a car comparison, they want to build a Ferrari and sell it at KIA prices)
  • What is deeproot Pinball’s target market (hint: its you)
  • The possibility of mass producing Magic Girl, Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland, and Alice in Wonderland

Hopefully, they will also tell us the differences between a “Pinball Game Designer” and a “Pinball Game Writer” and why there’s a difference of about $30,000.00 between the salaries of each career … and where is the “Pinball Game Programmer” position? Has that one already been nailed down?

… not that I am looking by the way … I’m not … not really. I mean, I would have to move to Texas and stuff in order to take the job. Plus, according to the requirements, I also kinda would need to be in the pinball design business beforehand, so … yeah.

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