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Why? Because MOAR! That’s why!

Mission Multiball
I’ve decided that I need this game in my life somehow. No, I’m not going to buy it; let’s not get stupid. It is seven grand after all. I realize I am letting my enthusiasm leak a little bit through this post, but just look at how this game plays already.

Warp drive combos and Vengeance Multiball
Fine, it will have to do some work to compete against my favorite games (which are Spider-man and Twilight Zone: Tied for 1st place), but the foundation is definitely there.

“Warp Factor 9, Warp 9.1, Warp 9.2 …”
OK, so who in the New York/New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania area is getting this thing so I can play it? “It just be calling me, man… It be calling me, man!”

By the way, these videos are from YouTube user Rgr Game Play who certainly has the flipper skills. I wonder who it is…


MOARR SPOILERRZ!!! (Looks like we are Battling for Cybertron and Saving the President, again… Please let there be an update to this.)

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