Have you used this valuable resource that curates pinball videos and tournament action? Now is your chance to support it via Patreon!

Check it out at Pinballvideos.com. This site indexes pinball action by organizing them into events, games, players and even down to specific balls in play.

An introductory excerpt from Pinballvideos’ Patreon:

I started the pinballvideos.com project in 2014, about the time PAPA started streaming full pinball tournaments. I had been watching and rewatching all the older edited and neatly packaged PAPA videos for years, and those new hours long tournament streams were a bit of a challenge: It was awesome to have more content available, but it was nearly impossible to find a particularly great game ever again.

For that reason, I started tagging all the videos I could get my hands on with metadata like game start times and player names, and I wrote a website that implemented some search functionality based on that metadata.

Since then, more than 2000 games of competitive pinball and tutorials were added, lots of new features were implemented, and with the introduction of Live Info in 2017 the tagging granularity was upped from “which game” to “which ball” for many tournaments.

Fun With Bonus is the home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of professional and amateur pinball players.

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