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The Museum of Pinball Auction: A Firsthand Account

Jake Danzig gives an analysis of what happened at the recent Museum of Pinball Auction, which resulted in some very impressive hammer prices for games.

He provides reasons why the prices for games may have been magnified over their expected values for this particular event.

Via: ‘Southwest Arcade and Pinball Collectors, Arizona & Beyond!’

“How do I become a world ranked pinball player?”

Triangle Pinball promotes competitive pinball play in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (North Carolina) area.

With IFPA ranked competitive play returning imminently, Ovid Dillard described what that means to you if you are an aspiring tournament or league player.

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Pinball Pros(e) v0.9.5 | Fatal Flaw: Theatre of Magic

I enjoy playing Theatre of Magic, as long as I purposefully avoid exploiting the main flaw in the game’s rule set. What is the fatal flaw in the Theatre of Magic rule set that discourages the game’s use in tournaments?