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Sonic Spinball by Ryan McQuaid [The Tutorial]

Let’s get the emeralds!

This game is packed with features, layering, and strategies. I caught myself smiling a good number of times while watching this. I did not want the video to end.

Video description by Backhand Pinball:
“After restoring his grail machine, Twilight Zone, Ryan decided to move onto his dream project of designing and building his own pinball machine. A year and six months into development we filmed this tutorial and explanation video as the next step in the Sonic Spinball timeline.”

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Pinball on ESPN [THE OCHO]

This Friday, August 6th, 2021 at 2:30 pm Eastern, there will be a pinball competition broadcast on ESPN [The Ocho], The Stern Heads-Up Pinball Invitational.

Pinball tournament fanatics, and especially enthusiastic competitors already know the result of this competition. But, give it a repeat watch or a stream anyway to add to whatever watch numbers are relevant here, and to help support the players and organizers who put on the event.

I am interested to see how the gameplay gets edited down into the half-hour time frame, along with any profiles that may be added to give flavor to the broadcast.

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