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My Current Favorite Top 5 Pinball Games

Kineticist invited me to be a part of a fun collaboration with many other pinball content creators. That is to name my current Top 5 pinball games (and also what I love most about pinball).

Well, that means I finally have to solidify what I have been thinking over, off and on, for some time now. OK, here we go.

Pinball competitions are a great way to meet new people and reconnect with players I haven’t seen in a while. Some of the major events are like family reunions, where we are related because of the game we love. Between those reunions, talking about the game keeps us connected.

The Museum of Pinball Auction: A Firsthand Account

Jake Danzig gives an analysis of what happened at the recent Museum of Pinball Auction, which resulted in some very impressive hammer prices for games.

He provides reasons why the prices for games may have been magnified over their expected values for this particular event.

Via: ‘Southwest Arcade and Pinball Collectors, Arizona & Beyond!’

“How do I become a world ranked pinball player?”

Triangle Pinball promotes competitive pinball play in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (North Carolina) area.

With IFPA ranked competitive play returning imminently, Ovid Dillard described what that means to you if you are an aspiring tournament or league player.

Via Triangle Pinball on facebook: (more…)

New Pinball Dictionary: Dead Zone

“An area of a [virtual] table where you can commonly lodge a live [ball] in a way that requires a strong nudge to dislodge at the very least, … “