I had no idea this would still be going! The idea is to describe a pinball game as badly or succinctly as possible, and have your description still be good enough to allow people to guess which game you are are talking about.

For example, this is the one I used to start it off: “This is a short story about traps and gaps. The traps blind you while the gap binds you.” (The answer is Ghostbusters.”

Notice that I am trying to stay away from using “pinball words”, like spinners and flippers, to make my description less obvious.

To answer, you can guess which game it is orput your own cryptic description which leads to your answer.

The thread and its shares have approached 800 total comments so far! (at least that’s what it says on my phone)

How badly can you describe a game and still get your point across? ^_^

Add yours to the comment section on the post below.

Describe a pinball game as badly as you can, while still allowing others to guess what game you are describing.

Posted by Steven Bowden on Friday, August 18, 2017

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