Category: Cat Mode!

TomCat mode

And now … another type of TOMMY mode. A merging of TOMMY mode with Cat Mode to become (dun, dun, dun) TomCat Mode!

Cat Mode: Tap Pass

Pay attention to the first lesson on how to play Harlem Globetrotters from an internationally ranked pinball cat.

Pic of the Day: #NeverTooEarly #PowerOutage

This cat looks like it’s about to tell the best spooky story, ever. In honor of the Rock Fantasy Pinball Open Power Outage! #HYH #HaveYouHeard #NeverTooEarly “Once upon a time, on a night just like this one … “

Dog Mode Friday

What is this? Dogs doing what cats do sometimes? They are usually so helpful.

Dog Mode

Unlike Cat Mode, where felines seem to love getting in your way when you are trying to play pinball, dogs like to be helpful.