Dennis Nordman and The Curse of Elvira
The past, present, and future of Dennis Nordman.

Dennis’ involvement with Elvira 3 – has it been scrapped? / Political climate and pinball / Making cabinets / Dat Wheel of Fortune lower flipper area / Dennis is excited about being with deeproot pinball

Dennis the Cabinet man
Designing 80s games
White Water break through
Making shots theme orientated
Demolition man stories
POTC comeback
WOF bottom
Big juicy melons
Alien pinball
Elvira 3 pinball
Dennis Nordman original Deeproot machine
Gazza at Pinfest
PHOF closing down click bait!
Karl saves Alice Cooper
Godzilla Pinball
Slam the top 100
GOTG doesn’t suck
Stern Tour
US Flip frenzy @ Logan
Gene X mini interview
Mini Pinburgh at SHPC – email

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