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Mid-America Pinball Tour 2020

November 1, 2019


The Mid-America Pinball Tour is excited to make its debut in 2020 with up to 10 highly competitive tournaments. In the inaugural season, the tour will have events in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. These states are key in building overall growth in pinball within the region, and have a great amount of untapped potential for high level competition.


  1. Create a positive public image: The Mid-America Pinball Tour has a main goal of creating a positive public image for competitive pinball, through the use of streaming content, promotion of events, players and individual leagues, as well as assisting tournament directors with rising costs, and helping increase prize payouts for events on the schedule.
  2. Promote competition within the region: A major goal is to promote competitive pinball within the communities in the region. Making tournament pinball appealing to the casual or average league player, as well as having large tournaments in the leagues hometowns during the year.
  3. Assist tournament development: We want each event chosen to have the highest potential player count. Through assisting with advertising, miscellaneous soft costs, and prize pool enhancement, we expect to make more players aware of events and worthwhile to travel within the region to play.
  4. Highlight leagues and player profiles: Each month during the tour season, we will highlight an individual league in the region, as well as have spotlight players to watch.

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