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Free Look

To watch another competitor play a pinball game, with the express purpose of answering questions about the way the game is playing.

Example: One of the advantages of going last when playing against other pinball players is that this allows you to see them play and learn important information such as:

  1. The tightness/looseness of the tilt settings
  2. The ability to dead-flipper-pass/live catch/drop catch the ball when it emerges from a kick-out (e.g. The Addams Family chair and swamp kick-out holes, the FunHouse right kick-out hole, the Attack from Mars right kick-out hole, The Twilight Zone slot machine kick-out hole)
  3. The ability to backhand certain shots (e.g the left ramp from the left flipper in Twilight Zone, the Doc Ock shot from the right flipper in Spider-Man, the Aragorn ramp from the right flipper in Lord of the Rings)

Example: A free look allows you to learn about the way this particular game behaves without taking any risks of losing a ball.