Mike Primeau has a special announcement for all of the team and contributors to Path of Play Day. We had a fantastic celebration on April 28th which included a host of other sites who were celebrating as well.

It was a fantastic event. I was so happy to be a part of it. Whether it was the Gamer-Lympics or the rousing games of Fibbage and Quiplash, it was a super fun time. Check out our commentary as the games were in progress. I got the chance to play a round as well, and do a Gamer-Lympics round.

We started late because so many families arrived to take part in Path of Play Day. It was so good to see the children and parents beneift from multiple types of gaming.

Here is the link to Mike’s announcement on Facebook on the Path of Play Day Group

Be sure to catch the video packages as they are released showing the Path of Play Day events.

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