The Adventureland’s Ferris Wheel is rarely free of minion activity. Head over to the Monster Wheel to find more prizes and bonuses to help your scoring.

Hit the Ferris Wheel target to power up the ride for 20 seconds. The magnets located nearby may be there to help you, if they haven’t been taken over by NEDs followers. If you are not paying attention, the ball may not go where you expect. Be ready to react and defend well.

Try to sneak into the Wheel from the left side without turning it on. The Monster Wheel can also be a good place to hide for a few seconds during NED Attack Multiball.

If you can make it to the end of the line of awards in a single ball, it would be a Special thing.

Monster Wheel Ride #Award
1stBonus 1X
The awards are subject to change, except for the Special. Because, it’s Special.

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