Slap Save is not Superstitious… Will Slap Save be Stern Insiders?


From the episode description:

In this Episode 13 of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast, we tear the roof off this mother$%#^@ and lay down the gauntlet on Corporate Paywalls and cheap Alligator Clips on mods.  We also pretend to be civil for a while and discuss the merits of Pinball Charities.  Chris then describes his Munster obsession, we tell you some great places to play pinball if you ever roll through St. Louis and all of this while running from the scary big green guy with the “huge organ.”  (Frank from the Monster Bash band of course, where was your mind at?) 

While this episode kicks all kinds of posterior cheeks, WAIT THERE’S MORE!  If you sign up for the new SLAP SAVE PINBALL PODCAST Members Only Club for just $200 per year, you will get the following benefits!  

  • Exclusive access to our stream where we record the podcast in nothing but Mork and Mindy suspenders.
  • Receive a real vintage Member’s Only jacket!  (Sorry, out of stock due to unanticipated demand)
  • Receive a Crown Royal Bag with 2 sugar packets for on the go table leveling.
  • Develop a ferocious rash that will burn like lava when you pee.*
  • Be super popular with female alpacas.    

*Do not wash or apply ointment, it only spreads

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