P. B. Toots shows why The Addams Family and Monster Bash are good Halloween games.

Yes, it is Halloween today, and I am giving in to the theme.

The Addams Family

Addams Family is one of the first pins I remember playing before I got the pinball “bug”. AF is a perfect “Baby’s First Pinball”, especially because it’s the best selling pin of all time. When I first played Addams Family, I was still a very new player. I often thought of pinball as a futile game and got very frustrated by how much money I was spending for such short game times. Still, I was so drawn to the callouts and flow of this machine, I kept at it.

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Monster Bash

Phantom flip: A lot like Thing Flips! Hit the blue standups 7 times (collectively) and Phantom Flips will be lit on the inlanes. Once traversed down the lit inlane, an AI will flip for you. After awhile the AI learns how to make the correct shot (I guess, sometimes, maybe?). Whenever PF is ready, for fun, I raise my hands up and make like a badass (probably not recommended during comp. play).

See more at source: P. B. Toots – Monster Bash

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