I suppose it was a good trade to save the money I would have used to go to IFPA Worlds in Italy, and instead use it for more Circuit events to secure the top seed.

I needed it too. Especially since I did not have a very good start at all with a 70th place finish at INDISC last year. Hey, I guess that means I’m not losing any points this year for INDISC so it’s wide open for me this time.

However, I turned this around with some decent finishes in close succession around the Texas “big tournament” season. This put me in the hunt and on the chase.

But check out the close finish for seed #20! Less than 1/2 a point separates Jason Werdrick and Zach Sharpe, and they both attended the Free Play Florida Circuit Event.

Also check out the difference at seed #5 and #6 (only 0.14). This seed order may have been determined by mathematical differences in the ratings of players who attended OBX Flippers and Free Play Florida Circuit events. Switch a few of these players at each event and this seed might have switched as well.

See you in Chicago for the Ladder Finals!

Source: IFPA Pinball

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