Like an R-K-O from out of nowhere, it’s a “one-off” podcast with two pinballers traveling back from Texas Pinball Festival and talking about the shenanigans that happened therein.

Near the end of this podcast, one of the hosts brings up a topic about hugs vs. handshakes. Although, that could spawn a whole other topic. A topic about how there’s really only about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a second period where two people figure out whether they are comfortable hugging each other before it degenerates into awkwardness — like the hand reaching out into a hug, or the awkward standoff, or the “handshake-into-the-fist” rock-paper-scissors duel.

But, I’m not going to go into that interesting topic here, yet. They also talk about how those handshakes are generally not of high quality. I’d like to talk about that part but in a different direction.

When I meet new people or see a friend I haven’t seen in a while, I have little to no qualms about reaching out my hand to greet them.

However, I’ve had people shake my hand … VERY strongly … during pinball events, even during pinball tournaments. I appreciate the hearty handshake as much as most people I’d imagine, but I’d like to push forward the idea of the fist bump. Not in a Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal way. Quite basically, I really need that hand to keep playing pinball at this pinball event. 

My hand hurting, because someone or multiple people have almost crushed it with their vice-like grips, may affect my enjoyment of the rest of that event. When I find out I’ve met a hand-crusher, and while the hand-crushing is in progress, I grin and bear it. But it’s difficult to remain stoic when I now have to play a qualifying game or a game in the Finals and the pain is still subsiding.

If not the fist bump, at least let’s try not to destroy each other’s hands. That’s why my handshake may not be as strong as you would like. I know you are at a pinball event, and that you just might need that hand to play.

Hugs are really nice though.

Episode topics:

-What Bumper to Bumper is about
-Oklahoma Prison
-TPF vs Expo
-Krystle’s first TPF
-Pinball Friendship; A common bond
-T-Rex climbing a watertower;
-Restored Pins on the floor/Our favorites
-Derailed trains
-Subjective tastes in pinball; Sentimentality vs. Practicality
-Angel’s Diner & The Happy Days hotel
-Pinball Map and pinball on the road
-The “Pinball Hook” (Krystle & James both got hooked at CP!)
-Supportive Partners & the hobby
-Hospitality + Making new pinball friends
-How to report on Pinball in a lifestyle news-piece
-The TWIPY’s/M.V.M.V.P./Drama
-Bowen Kerins’ ACNC seminar
-Taking mental health breaks are important!
-Hugs vs Handshakes
-La Hacienda Ranch isn’t a restaurant; it’s a lifestyle

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