Are you the next pinball wizard? Competitive pinball has grown over the past decade with over 50 000 active players participating globally and you can join the ranks by competing in the CNE’s first-ever Pinball Championship (CNEPC) at the CNE Gaming Garage! The CNE is partnering with the Toronto Pinball League (TOPL) to create an inclusive competition for pinball athletes to get their game on.

The CNE Pinball Championship is expected to draw a number of top players, including Toronto’s Jack Tadman, currently ranked 4th in Canada, London’s Julie Dorssers, who won the women’s division at PAPA 20 in Pittsburgh, and Kayla Kennedy who recently finished 4th in the City Pinball finals.  Other athletes expected to compete at the CNEPC is Tyson Asher, fresh off his success winning the City Pinball finals, Ian Harrower, who is ranked 11th in Canada and recently placed third in Texas in the Classics division, and Jeff Teolis, host of the Pinball Profile Podcast, who is ranked 7th in Canada.

Source: Pinball Tournament