Joe Schober of American Pinball joins Eclectic Gamers Podcast on a show dominated by pinball talk.

From the episode description:

Joe Schober of American Pinball joins Tony and Dennis as a guest host on this episode (which is entirely about pinball).

In news, discussion revolves around the Monster Bash Remake (which had its topper revealed), a possible Yellow Brick Road edition of Wizard of Oz from Jersey Jack Pinball, a rumor that Stern Pinball may be releasing a pin about the Beatles before Munsters (flipping the expected order), a discussion of deeproot Pinball given the additional information from This Week in Pinball’s tour of their facility, and finally the upcoming KCGameCON Pinball Championship.

After this, Joe leads the guys in a discussion of pinball leagues. From there, the topic shifts to balance in pinball design and the pull between highly strategic games versus games that are all about flow and shot-making.

Finally, Joe is challenged to a game of 20 Questions!

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