American Pinball joined Dead Flip streaming to show off the code update they have done for Houdini and to announce a feature that will be coming to that game as well as Oktoberfest and Hot Wheels, Co-Op/Team Play.

This version of Co-op play comes with another intriguing twist — you can choose which team to join as you are playing the game. For example: When Player One finishes their first ball, before Player Two starts, they can choose to to join Player One’s team or go to the other team instead. Players Three and Four can do the same.

This means the game can become a 1 vs 3 battle or even a 4 vs Zero game where everyone ends up on the same team (“Zero” meaning “The House” AKA The Game itself)

Check out the Dead Flip livestream where the American Pinball team shows the new code update and plays team games with Jack Danger and Rebecca of Hot Nudge Pinball Streaming

Source: American Pinball – Team Play Announced …

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