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G FUEL Energy Drink Joins NYCPC Team as Executive Producer

                                       Sugar-Free Energy Drink to Fuel New York City Championships

(New York, NY) –  Never Beef Productions (NBP) is excited to announce that G FUEL Energy Formula, a powdered energy drink, is joining our team as the exclusive Executive Producer of the New York City Pinball Championships (NYCPC). G FUEL has become synonymous with eSports, sponsoring Major League Gaming’s Call of Duty Championships tournament, the HALO World Championship, and many of eSport’s top events, competitors and streamers. G FUEL’s line of sugar-free energy drinks has quickly gained a large following among gamers since the product’s launch in 2012, giving players the energy, focus, endurance, and hydration they need without the jitters and crash that accompany canned sugared beverages.

The partnership allows for a major expansion of the NYCPC in 2018 and beyond and will help expand the audience for top level competitive pinball.

“G FUEL joining the NYCPC team is a major, major boom, equivalent to a double super jackpot with 4X playfield scoring,” said NBP’s Levi Nayman. “Their product is awesome, and their experience in eSports tournaments and streaming brings tournament pinball to a higher level than anybody thought was possible.”

“Together, G FUEL, NBP, and the NYCPC are changing the game and launching the next era of pinball as a high-level competitive eSport, presenting the world under glass in spectacular fashion. This partnership will help dynamically expand the NYCPC now and in the future,” said NBP’s Tim Sexton.

“We are excited to support the New York City Pinball Championship and bring our experience to help them expand in the coming years. This continues G Fuel’s commitment to be everywhere that gaming is,” said Cliff Morgan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of G FUEL.

As part of the sponsorship, G FUEL will provide every registered NYCPC competitor with a free G FUEL shaker cup and plenty of G FUEL stick packs to power them through the tournament.

For more about G FUEL visit their web site at In addition, for viewers at home, there will be special coupon codes presented during the live coverage of the NYCPC at the PAPA TV youTube channel.

G Fuel Presents the New York City Pinball Championships will be held May 18-20, at the Skyline Hotel at 725 10th Avenue in Manhattan. Over 150 of the world’s top players will compete for the title of New York City Pinball Champion. Spectator tickets will be available for $10 at the door on May 20, Championship Sunday, with all proceeds benefiting the Project Pinball charity.

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