The Atomic Shop is the hidden, secret underground store built and managed by The Mechanic. He will sell you various items that will help you during gameplay, if you can afford them. The Mechanic wants tickets. More specifically, he wants your tickets that you can get by roaming around the Adventureland.

When you shoot the Atomic Shop scoop, The Mechanic will pop up and offer you four items on the right side of the shop. You can buy one of each item buy touching it on the Pinbar, if you have enough tickets. If you decide you don’t want an item after selecting it, you can press the item again to deselect it and get back your tickets.

When you select any item, the button on the right will change to a green EXIT button. Touch the “EXIT” button on the right to leave the shop with your purchases. The items you bought will activate when you leave. 

The Mechanic will also offer you the chance to start one of four modes. They are located on the left side of the shop. You can select whichever mode you want, but you can only select one at a time. Modes will cost you tickets the first time you want to start them. However, if you are resuming an unfinished mode, it will be free. You do not have to start a mode if you do not want to do so. If you do select a mode, it will start as soon as you exit the shop.

After you play all four modes … ???

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