Naomi Shedd interviews Michael Gottlieb at the Museum of Pinball / INDISC Festival.

“I felt like I struck gold by landing this very interesting interview with Micheal Gottlieb, the grandson of David Gottlieb, the founder of Gottlieb Pinball Machines. I asked for an interview and he gave me gold in the form of so many fascinating stories about the history of pinball. It’s 17 mins long but well worth every second of those 17 mins. Not only is he pinball royalty but he just might be the nicest person I’ve met in the world of pinball and that’s really saying something because I’ve met a lot of spectacularly, amazing people in this genuine, fun-loving, subculture called Pinball. I’ve got to extend a huge shout out to my favorite pinball friend Imoto Harney for introducing me to Micheal and helping me film this rare and riveting interview.”


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