Category: Interview

TILT Pinball: The Collector #2

David Morris of Phantom Amusement describes his experiences collecting and provides guidance on buying machines. TILT Pinball brings the interview.

Pintastic: IAAPA Update

“David Fix of American Pinball, Martin Ayub of Pinball News, David Marston of Pintastic and former operator, and Brian McCauley of Pintastic and an operator discuss the 2021 IAAPA held in Florida. IAAPA”

Pinball Profile: Legends of Valhalla by American Pinball

“This onetime homebrew machine is now in mass production at American Pinball. Designer Scott Gullicks and programmer Frank Gigliotti share their exciting journey from their early days to now seeing this dream come true. And you can play Legends of Valhalla now on location and at Pinball Expo!”

Arcade Pickers: Pinball Wizard

“In this episode we will travel to Maricopa AZ to visit Jake Danzig and showcase his EPIC pinball and arcade cabinet collection.”

Marco TV: The Pinfest Interviews

Marco Specialties set up an interview booth at Allentown Pinfest 2021 where they interviewed many from “The Pinball Community”.

Dr. Pin & Mrs. Pin – Pinball Podcasters
Todd Tuckey – TNT Amusements
Tim Roth – TNT/Twins Arcade
Corwin Emery – Spooky Pinball
Larry Rosenthal – Starship Fantasy
Jody Gontero – Ramp-O-Matic
Allen Cihak – Pinball Operator
Rob Kahr – Kahr.US Circuits
Brielle & Gianna – Earth Support Club
more …