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Meditations with Ryan Zlomek interviews: Project Pinball

Check out this inspiring interview by Ryan Zlomek that focuses on the charitable efforts of Project Pinball and its founder, Daniel Spolar.

I am happy to see Daniel at various pinball events and tournaments around the country and see how well Project Pinball is fulfilling its mission.

TiltTrek: District 82

“TiltTrek visits the Midwest tournament hub, District 82 in Green Bay Wisconsin. We tour the place, interview owner Erik Thoren and the #1 female player in the world Kassidy Milanowski, and ask the question about being a whopper farm…”

TILT Pinball presents Avengers Infinity Quest

Trevor Whatman and Marc Greene talk about what makes Avengers Infinity Quest one of the best games to be released.

They also discuss the things that have made pinball continue to be enjoyable over many years, deeper theories on learning games, flipper techniques, tournament play, and other methods they use to get better and enjoy pinball more.

Slam Tilt Podcast: Save the Ice Cream!

Ron Hallett and Bruce Nightingale interview members of the Galactic Tank Force team on this episode of the Slam Tilt Podcast.

There to tell them more about the game and the process of creating it were Dennis Nordman (Design), Paul Reno (Design), Jack Haeger (Art Director), Christopher Franchi (Artist), and Steve Bowden (Rules)

The Messenger interviews Missouri’s State Champion, Haley Huber

“Sophomore Haley Huber may have only started playing pinball last August, but she now runs the women’s league at West County Pinball. Earlier this year, Huber was named Missouri’s state champion in the International Flipper Pinball Association Competition. So what’s her secret?”