Notorious redemption game pusher and non-pinball haver, Dave and Buster’s gets pinball games! P3 Multimorphic game, Heads Up! appears at the Dave & Busters in Austin, Texas.

Heads Up! is a quick game that can be played in a set amount of time, so that makes sense for Dave & Busters to carry this. A time-based or versus game like this is more predicatble as far as how much money can be made in a certain time period. It’s a near-redemption-like quick pinball game.

It’s interesting to see the crack in this dam open just a little bit.

Together, Multimorphic and Dave & Buster’s are making pinball more accessible to the gaming public. Please support their efforts by visiting the Dave & Buster’s in Austin, TX and playing Heads Up! or by contacting your local Dave & Buster’s and letting them know that you’re eager to support their efforts to showcase pinball.

Source Article: P3 Multimorphic

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