The Bat City Pinball (BCP) monthly events that were being held at Buffalo Billiards in Austin, Texas (respectful nod, RIP) will also be resuming at Cidercade in Austin, Texas in addition to the events that will be held at The Hangout Pinball Lounge.

The next event will be held on Sunday, September 19th with check in at 3:45 pm.

More information:
600 E Riverside Drive, Austin TX

As listed on the facebook page:
Bat City monthly tournaments are back!! Excited to announce another monthly tournament at a second location. IFPA sanctioned. This one held at the new Austin Cidercade venue — mmmmm, tasty WPPRs and delicious cider (and pizza).
Similar format to those previously held at Buffalo Billiards (RIP), but starting later in the afternoon at 4pm. Please arrive by 3:45pm to check in. Tourney starts promptly at 4pm. Door prize (TBD, such as pint glass) generously donated by Cidercade.
$10 cash tourney fee registration. Does not include separate Cidercade entrance fee (or monthly membership). Pins are set to Free Play.
– After $1/player IFPA sanctioning fee, the purse distributed equally between A and B division, 50-25-15-10% for 1st-4th in each Div.
– Maximum # of players: 40.
– Online registration opens 9/11/21 at 11am.
– All ages welcome (note that under-21 must leave Cidercade by 8pm)
Everyone is guaranteed 3 hours of 4- or 3-player match play games. IFPA scoring (7-5-3-1). As many round as we can fit in, with no new round starting after 6:59pm.
– We will use 2-pin mutli-play format, depending on the # of players and working pins acceptable for competition.
– If a large # of players, then just the standard 1 game per round.
– Plunge and do not play extra balls.
4-player finals using 3-pin multi-play format. PAPA scoring in finals (4-2-1-0)
– Top seed gets a choice of 3 adjacent pins (skipping any non-working ones) or choice of playing position on the 3 games, according to the multi-play order format. A Div chooses first.
– Tiebreakers to qualify for finals settled by 1-ball game on random pin.
– Tiebreakers for 1st in finals settled by additional game, higher seed gets choice of different game than finals or position.
– B Div. requires 8+ players in total.
– B Div. restricted to players ranked outside the Top 250 IFPA World Ranking.
All other rules according to current version of PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules at

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