If you use Pindigo to keep track of your pinballing, high scoring activities, Pindigo has a Patreon that you can support if you want.

Maintenance costs money. Free service costs those that provide the service.

Support Pindigo here => https://www.patreon.com/pindigo

Pindigo is a social score-tracking app for iOS and Android. The app makes it easy to document scores with photos and notes so that you can reference them later or share them online. It also ranks your scores so you can see how you match up against your friends as well as the entire Pindigo community!

We have a feature wishlist a mile long, including:

  • PinballMap location tagging

  • Convention/event tagging

  • Exporting & backup of your scores

  • Find my friends

  • User-to-user challenges

  • Simple selfie leagues

  • Pinside.com synchronization

  • An arcade game version of the app

  • .. and lots more!


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