From Never Beef Productions:

We have troubles today we did not have yesterday. We had troubles yesterday that we have not today. And yet, there will be better times ahead.

We appreciate the patience of those who have inquired about the status of NYCPC 2020 while we sorted through logistical issues over the past couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, we do not think it is prudent at this time to continue with our current plans for NYCPC 2020. We are very disappointed with this turn of events, but it does not seem wise for us to proceed during this international health crisis. In the scheme of things we think our tournament is pretty low on the list of priorities we all need to deal with at this time.

It’s frustrating, but nobody knows how this is going to play out. So while we are and will be examining possible postponement dates in the late summer or Fall, realistically, we don’t consider rescheduling at this particular time to be a responsible option.

Full refunds will be issued shortly through eventbrite. It’s a manual process that will take up to a week. Please contact Skyline if you have made hotel reservations that you need to cancel.

Thank you – players, sponsors, and volunteers – for your support and we look forward to playing pinball together again with all of you soon, hopefully in the near future.


-Your friends at Never Beef Productions, LLC

Paul Caras

Levi Nayman

Tim Sexton

Austin Smith

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