It’s the longest Pinball Profile episode EVER!

Hear clips from the last 2 months of travelling North America to play pinball. Hear from (in order):
– Edward VanderVeen from Texas Pinball Festival
– Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster)
– Rachel Bess & Antoinette Johnson from Marco Specialties
– Lee Wielgolinski from Pinball Supernova 
– Charlie Emery from Spooky Pinball LLC (with Christopher Franchichirping in the background)
– Dick & Karen from Pinball Art USA
– Imoto Harney from…everywhere!
– Jesse Bodell from Buffalo Billiards
– Tony Kurkowski & Dennis Kriesel from Eclectic Gamers Podcast
– Jeff Rivera from The Pinball Podcast
– Nicholas Baldridge & Ryan Claytor from Coin-Op Carnival
– Rawdon Osborne from Sydney, Australia 
– Zachary Meny from Straight Down The Middle: a pinball show…and many other things
– Josh Kugler from American Pinball
– Paul Wilson talks about his rethemed machine
– Cowboy Myles Cameron
– Jim Belsito from INDISC
– Johnny Modica (rich winner from MyBookie)
– Karl DeAngelo from Inland Empire Pinball Association
– Colin MacAlpine, former Pinburgh Champ 
– Greg Poverelli, Sunshine Pinball guru
– Keri Wing, 2019 North American Women’s Champion 
– Amy Kesting from Spoonful Records
– Raymond Davidson…never heard of him?
– Nate Shivers from Coast 2 Coast Pinball
– Zach Sharpe from Stern Pinball
– Josh Sharpe…no idea
– Jon Norris of deeproot pinball
– Cayle George, who never holds back
– Derek Thomson of Edmonton Pinball & Arcade Expo – YegPin
– Steven Bowden of Fun With Bonus (Pinball) & deeproot
– Tommy Floyd of NITRO PINBALL
– Irisa Krywolt, Little Flippers winner from YEGPIN
– Christa Lucyk, Women’s Champion from YEGPIN
– Germain Mariolle, triple winner at YEGPIN

Fun With Bonus is the home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of professional and amateur pinball players.

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