Chris Bucci as Gomez Addams

Chris Bucci as Gomez Addams

Ron and Bruce are joined by Chris Bucci to talk about the latest news, as well as Chris’ pinball fandom and contributions to the pinball scene over the years.

Regarding one of the anecdotes from the podcast: I was also surprised and pleased to have the opportunity to play his Big Bang Bar at the Rochester Open Tournament back in the day. That tournament was one of the first I had went to where I decided to drive a significant amount of time to attend. That machine did travel quite a bit during qualifications. I guess that’s expected when there is no tilt to govern play, and the game is on a wooden floor.

Chris’ pinball reviews and his TurboViews game review series was one of my first subscriptions on YouTube. Even before that when they were available on the Bucci’s Arcade website.

Chris Bucci also happens to be an accomplished actor.

Also, the best way to play Indiana Jones by Stern is “MAP MAP MAP, all day long. MAP MAP MAP while I sing this song!”

Well known Pinball Videographer and Master Thespian Chris Bucci joins us on this week’s podcast

-Chris’s Story
-The Pinball Videos
-Big Bang Bar
-Celebrity Earthshaker
-Rising Prices
-Giving Thanks for Pinball
-Games to Like, Games to Hate
-Catskill Classic
-Timmy Wins a Demo Man
-No Respect
-Bruce Can’t Spell

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