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Wheel of Fortune Tutorial [PAPA]

The tutorial even includes a double trip multiball and regular multiball stacked together with a BONUS mode. When you can build that up, anything you fling the ball at will score “fabulous points.” So, when in doubt, on Wheel of Fortune it’s Mode before Multiball.

New Pinball Dictionary – Gatekeeper (concept)

In games with a wizard mode, it is the one requirement that is much harder than all the others. It is usually the one you complete last before achieving the Wizard Mode, making the other requirements not as relevant.

Mega-R-Cade!! – Card #M007 – Cat Mode

Cat Mode can start on any pinball game without warning! * Cat Mode ends either when the cat wants it to end, or if you are brave enough to try to remove the cat and risk getting scratched. * Cat Mode is like a partial Tommy Mode with extra added danger.