It’s the Total Nuclear Annihilation stream for production machine #001 at Ed Robertson‘s place.


I am struggling to find negatives about this game. It’s not because I’m trying to be nice in the sycophantic, social media way. It’s because the game is really that good.

OK, here’s some negatives:

The game shows if someone has matched before the match animation is finished.

  • That’s a nitpick which can be fixed easily.

It would be cool if the player could add a ball during multiball.

  • Is this really necessary? The game has a forgiving ball saver and you can earn ball saves during multiball.

The top three bank doesn’t really do much, yet.

  • That means there is still room for expansion. Maybe here is where they can put the Add-A-Ball feature.

There. Is that negative enough? No? Too bad. According to the stream they’ve sold over 190 games. Yes, sure that’s not a drop in the bucket compared to a Stern release, but context is king.

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