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Congratulations INDISC World Pinball Championship Series Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the It Never Drains in Southern California (INDISC) World Pinball Championship Series of tournaments!

Over the weekend, the events accumulated over three million views on Twitch livestream broadcasts, including nearly two million views for the Open Championship Finals!

The Price is Wrong

The target score is 40,000,000. The goal is to get as close to that without going over. How well do you know what scores what on The Addams Family?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 300 Million

I remember liking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball for about a day a couple of years ago. I’ve been trying to get back to that moment since.

Maybe this video will help. I need more training …

Sneaky Hex always works

It is a superpower rivaling the might of the most powerful superheroes.

If this power could be harnessed, it would become a most dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Spooky Pinball Updates: Ultra Scoob

Spooky Pinball shows the latest updates to Ultraman which includes Giant Fuji. They also show the most recent update to Scooby-Doo Pinball which includes another way to earn an extra ball by un-masking villains.

Pre-Expo FlipOut Tiebreaker starring … Old Chicago

It’s a one-ball, 17-way tie for 3 spots to make it into the Finals of the Enterrium Pre-Expo special event! Which game would provide the proper structure, respect and gravitas to separate the wheat from the chaff?