Month: January 2013

IFPA changes the WPPR formula

Attention WPPR point whores! OK, let’s say WPPR point enthusiasts. Yeah, that’s a bit better. The IFPA has changed they way they calculate the World Pinball Player Rankings again. Go to the WPPR site for all of the official particulars including a detailed explanation of the new formula.

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John’s Arcade reviews STERN’s 24

This game basically asks you one simple question. Can you can make the right ramp shot with regularity? Are you accurate enough to repeatedly hit a shot that is about 1.5 times the diameter of the pinball with force and speed? Everything else is incidental on the way to making more right ramp shots to lock the balls for Multiball.

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Pinburgh 2012 Group T

I helped to do a thing! ^_^ I started to get more comfortable as time went on, especially when I worried less about making sure I was contributing to the commentary. Thanks, Bowen for making it an enjoyable experience. I want to do more!

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