Molly Atkinson, proprietress of Pins and Needles

I’ll never look at the center … area … of Embryon the same way again. I’m still not going to shoot for it, though, because it’s a dangerous shot. It’s much safer to go for that upper right saucer so you can go for the target bank and get awards from there. Anyway, I’m rambling about strategy for some reason.

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Pins and Needles from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

In a large warehouse in Los Angeles, behind a massive rolling metal door, there is a room full of awesome pinball machines. A labor of love, Pins and Needles is a public arcade filled with privately owned pinball machines made available for everyone to enjoy by founder Molly Atkinson. Curated by its energetic and tremendously charming founder, each machine has a unique and enchanting personality. We spent the day with Atkinson, learning about the history of pinball machines, her obsession with the sport of pinball and how she came to be quite the pinball mechanic. Most days of the week Pins and Needles opens its door from 8pm-midnight, during which time you will find Atkinson and many other enthusiasts hammering away for the high score—just don’t forget your quarters.