Focus, Daniel-san. Concentrate.


First we had “wax on, wax off”.

Then, there was “sand the floor”.

Followed by “paint the fence”.

Now, we have “shoot the right target”.

What are we learning through this Kings of Steel tutorial video?

If a game has an easily exploitable rule, exploit it.

If this game happens to be in a tournament, you had better exploit it because your competitors will.

Good players play boringly.


Personal example: Once I saw Trent Augenstein play Champion Pub in a tournament. He shot the left kick-out saucer (see arrow in picture) over 20 straight times to build the prize purse up to get to the next fight. It was one of the most boring things I’ve ever seen, but it worked as a method to get huge amounts of points. Shoot the saucer, bounce pass to the right flipper, shoot the saucer, bounce pass to the right flipper, repeat. It took a game that I thought was good and turned it into crap.

Author: SSB

You will find me at a pinball tournament, and sometimes behind a microphone for some reason. Have more fun! Play more pinball! Support the hobby on twitter by using #pinball. Currently: Attacking Mars. BAO!

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