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“Gold Wings is a Top Gun inspired pinball machine released by Gottlieb in 1986. Music in pinball machines was a relatively new thing at the time Gold Wings was released. Gold Wings’ sound board features two AY-3-8913 chips for the music. Although being quite limited compared to Williams’ System 11 sound system, which featured an 8 voice FM synthesizer, the Gottlieb games of this era have gained popularity for having great chiptune music, particularly in games like TX-Sector and Arena. The sound engineers at Gottlieb at the time were Ken Hale and Dave Zabriskie, but I’m not entirely sure who wrote the music for Gold Wings.”

“Anyway, this is a remix of two of the main themes you hear during single ball play. There is also a third tune that plays during single ball play, as well as separate tunes that play during multiball and when the game ends. I may remix some of these other tunes at some point.”

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