The Parody Card Set

With all of these card games based on just about whatever, I decided to create a parody card set called Mega-R-Cade!! (MAY’-GUH ARE-CAYD’). This is a parody and in no way seeks to infringe upon the copyrights of any card set or anything else. Anyway, it’s just so much fun creating these cards.

Not So Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why a Card Set? Well, it seems there are card sets coming out that focus on just about anything, so why not a card set about whatever? Although this series will begin with a focus on arcade culture, this game isn’t limiting itself to one thing. Just about anything that’s fun could appear as a part of Mega-R-Cade!! The Parody Card Set.
  • How come each card that you click on is so huge in both filesize and in length and width? The cards are so large so that when you shrink them down to official game card size (2.5 in. x 3.5 in.) the card still stays well detailed. When I first started to create these cards they looked fine, until you printed them out and they looked fuzzy. When you print out these super-large-sized cards using a program that can shrink them down to 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. size, the cards look great. All you need is to print the cards out on a paper stock that feels like a real card.
  • Are there any rules? I used to have a set of rules for the old series of cards, but I discovered that having rules made creating these cards a little less fun. I can’t have that so, forget rules. Besides, you could make up your own set of rules to play your own style of Mega-R-Cade!! The whole point is to have fun while making fun of all the other card games. Besides, why so serious?! How about a Mega-R-Cade!! card based drinking game? Yeah! Two players could flip cards like the game WAR, and the person who has the card with the lowest points has to take a drink. If there is a tie, then then next round would be for two drinks. ^_^
  • What about HP? Every card game has HP. It’s like a law or something. That number is a mostly arbitrary value I’ve assigned. Different versions of the same card might get different amounts of HP.
  • What’s that stuff at the bottom? Those are other qualities about the card. For example:
    • Likes = What makes that card stronger
    • Resistance = This character cannot be harmed by this item or condition
    • Weakness = What hurts that card more
    • Reward = Your reward for defeating that card in battle
    • Penalty = Your penalty for losing to that card


And now, as game show host Jim Perry might say, “Let’s get to the cards!”

The List 

Do you have a suggestion for a card? What pinball related pseudonym, powers, attacks or status effects would the card have?