If I can’t find a Grand Prix to play, I could do a lot worse than playing Hokus Pokus instead. Those orbit spinners aren’t bad at all, though I wish they scored 1,000 when they were powered up instead of 100 points. However, that does force you to try to get double max bonus every ball when you are playing against someone.

Anyway, that middle spinner is fool’s gold. When you have the ball trapped on a flipper, I know that “gate open” target through the spinner is tempting, but that is how you drain off of that strategically placed rubber post right below the opening of the spinner shot. Just shoot an orbit and let the bumpers take care of it.

Video description:

In this installment, I fix the score reel stepper and coil..and couldn’t resist firing her up! SHE LIVES AGAIN! EM Pinball Repair can be a nightmare..this one has been relatively painless…even if we are going to re-do the stencils with Pinball Pimp ones…oh well..never settle for second best.

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