It’s Ron Hallett, Jr. showing the benefits of the Spinner Millions feature on Johnny Mnemonic Pinball. The frame where I got the above picture came from the end of the ball near the end of this video. I needed to catch this particular frame to show the held bonus and the total bonus for a specific reason:

The Johnny Mnemonic he’s playing has the second, less egregious, more popular version of the Hold Bonus bug. The first version took the Bonus X and counted it in with the total bonus which included the held bonus from the previous ball. That would result in a Bonus X calculated AFTER all of the bonus from essentially two balls of play.

The version shown here puts the bonus X in the right place, but the game still gives you the held bonus from the previous ball, AND the total bonus from this ball to give you a MASSIVE end of ball bonus. Even though the game says you were awarded (in this case) 13,585,500,000 in bonus points (see the top half of the scoreboard from the picture) Ron actually gets that bonus AND the 13,121,500,000 that was held over (see the bottom half of the scoreboard from the picture), combined together, for a final score of nearly 46 billion points.

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I think this bug is my favorite. On this game, I was only one shot away from getting the twelfth digit. I needed only one more Hold Bonus to cross 100 Billion.