Welcome to $5.00 Volley! The tournament at District 82 that happens often soon after major tournament action has concluded for the day. The format is deceptively simple. $5.00 will buy you one ball of Volley to score as high as you can, winner takes all. Everyone who is delirious enough to try pays their money before the round begins. However, there is an additional stipulation. After every player has player their one ball of Volley, any of those players can now try to buy one more chance at $20.00! The current leader at the $5.00 round of course does not need to decide whether to buy in again unless they get passed by one of the $20.00 players.

Are you brave enough to test the electromechanical devil that is Volley? Well, Colin MacAlpine was one of those brave competitors. See what happens when nearly everything goes right. I even got to be on one of commentators’ microphones with Raymond Davidson and Super Producer Tom Graf when this miracle happened.

Regardless, I still hate Volley.

Video description:

The Greatest Game of One Ball Volley Pinball

Colin MacAlpine’s Spectacular One Ball of Volley caught live at District 82 Pinball in DePere Wisconsin

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