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OK, that’s the headline I came with at the time. It would have been either that or Martha Donovan “Living” since it’s a book.

Martha Donovan of Bro, do you even pinball? and Buffalo Pinball has made a pinball book called Pinball Secrets: A Beginner and Intermediate Guide to Pinball and it is available on Amazon. Go get it at the link above or click on the cover up there!

(No, those are NOT affiliate links, by the way.)


Have you heard the stories on media news outlets about the “resurgence of pinball”? Are you curious what this pinball craze is all about but have no one to ask? Do you wonder where to find pinball machines to play or even how to start and play a game? This book is for you! Pinball Secrets is designed for the absolute beginner to help get you started in your exploration of the pinball hobby.

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