Since the Museum of Pinball was the site of INDISC / The Open major pinball tournament, and that event space will be gone, the question arose as to the status of the event for next year. IE Pinball has provided the proverbial silver lining on that cloud.

Quoting Inland Empire Pinball Association:

INDISC 2022 information coming soon!

With the official news of the Museum of Pinball closing we feel this is the right time to make an official statement.

While we’re of course saddened by this news, we’re also extremely grateful for the time we had at the Museum of Pinball. Without the help and dedication of John Weekes, Chuck Casey, and the museum volunteers, INDISC would have not had the opportunity to grow to the scale it has. So a sincerest thank you to ALL those involved and to the Museum of Pinball for helping to make INDISC and The Open IFPA World Pinball Championships the world class events you’ve come to expect.

As for INDISC 2022, we are working hard to secure a new location that would allow us to run an event that will live up to everyone’s expectations.

We will continue to update the community as more concrete information becomes available.

Source: Inland Empire Pinball Association on Facebook

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