Bre knows classics.

Bre knows snow milk.

Bre knows “The Zoo”.

Video description:

I’m Jen AKA JayRupe! I’m a pinballer and dog-lover from Ohio sharing my adventures in pinball, travel and life in general!

Welcome to my series called No Coin Drop Required!! In this series, I’ll be talking with players, trying their favorite beverages, and playing some pinball. With the current shelter-in-place order, the series is going to look a little different in the beginning, but we will get through this together!

**Please drink responsibly!!**

In this episode, we will be talking with Bre Reynolds! We’ll be talking about her amazing finish at PATZ last year in Classics!! We also chat about her current experience with sheltering in place and what exactly “snow milk” is! Next time we see each other, we will be playing her Palooka and Knockout together!

The “Zoo” made me think of this video. It’s not related, other than “Zoo”. And the fact that the phrase “Pinball at the Zoo” would fit in place of “Putt-Putt save the zoo” in this remix by Pogo. And now I am imagining a pinball version of this remix.

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