Photo evidence that someone in this world has gotten to Open Season on Stern’s Big Buck Hunter.

The things you have to accomplish to get to Open Season are ridiculous. Plus the stoopid deer has to WORK in order for you to get there. When is the last time you played a Big Buck Hunter where the stoopid deer worked? I don’t even remember that last time I played one where it didn’t decide to just absorb hits when it felt like it, didn’t move at all, gave you two hits for no reason, or just didn’t react entirely.

Stoopid deer …

Anyway, congrats to Zach McCarthy whose score is pictured below. But remember, in the current year on the Internet, we’ve graduated from “pics or it didn’t happen” to “video or it didn’t happen.” So we’ll need to work on getting a video next time ^_^

Also, INB4 the killjoys say, “Oh, I got to it too!”

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