Thanks for the shout out of on your latest show! Yes, it has been over 8 years of daily pinball posts on this website, but when Franchi said the number in days that was equal to, for some reason that “hit different” as they say. I was walking along in my neighborhood listening to the show when I heard the number. It caused me to stop walking and reflect a bit over what’s happened in my life over those many days.

Don’t miss the very challenging “Super Hard Pinball Quiz” near the end of the show.

Podcast synopsis:

  • We chat with hosts of the Super Awesome Pinball Show Christopher Franchi and Christian Line
  • How much we miss Replay FX and Pinburgh

  • Franchi doesn’t like the saying “satisfying shot”

  • Top 5 Satisfying Shots in Pinball
  • The Super Hard Pinball Quiz

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