Three years ago I found myself playing pinball games at PAPA Headquarters. A lot of pinball games. Nearly ALL of the Pinburgh tournament pinball games.

The PAPA/Pinburgh team invited me (dared me) to help them with a surprise for fans of competitive pinball. A livestreamed reveal of all of the games that would be played at that year’s Pinburgh competition. I remember the conversation that I had on the phone with Fred Cochran as I was at an airport on the way back from another pinball tournament. I was in line at the gate, soon to board my plane back home as Fred and myself began to talk about how something like this might be accomplished.

So, here it was, as it happened. What an experience it was and what an achievement of pinball broadcasting and production by PAPA. 288 games. One-ball each. Mixed in with live interviews with commentary from PAPA Staff, and special guests. 15 Hours. Let’s GO!

(The video is set to start at an epic one ball game of Lord of the Rings)

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