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Special Notice
Pinholics Anonymous Periodic Meeting
Registration required for new 64 player cap

The Pinholics Anonymous periodic meeting/tournament held at the House of Stone three times a year is undergoing some changes for 2018.  To lead off those changes, a new registration will be required for players that want to attend.  The tournament will now be capped at 64 players, although the largest number played has never exceeded 55.  Registration will not require payment ahead of time and players may change their RSVP when and if necessary.

However, this will help with estimating expenses in conjunction with changes in 2018 that will include an increase in the entry fee, increased payouts/prizes, random door prizes, accommodate the IFPA fees, and more.

Players can register now for the December 16th Pinholics Anonymous periodic meeting / tournament below.  There will be a current list of signed up players on the web-site here.

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