Planet Rollovers

Evil overlord NED has been conquering Planets long before visiting our little sector of space. He doesn’t clean up after his invasions, and he’s hollowed out the planets he’s conquered. He’s evil. He doesn’t care. Some of the things he’s left behind can be very useful to you. Remember to grab some of these bonuses while you are attacking NED.

[Look how easily these planets pop open! Will this be Earth’s fate as well?]

Collect all three planet rollovers in front of NED to collect the award shown. You will be able to see what the award will be when you roll over one of the planets, but you will only get the award when you open all three planets in the set.

The planet rollovers can be revealed at any time, during single-ball or Multiball play. They are a good way to earn passive awards while you are putting the hurt on NED anyway. There are points, tickets, multipliers, and more inside these Easter-egg like planets. You may even find an Extra Ball or Special if you are lucky (or persistent enough).

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